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    Suggest Changes to Rules Empty Suggest Changes to Rules

    Post by coolbios91 on Wed Jun 10 2009, 16:35

    jaychua wrote:The following will be the rules and regulations for this forum. Shall anyone break any of these rules, admins have the power to give warnings and even ban the user from posting in this forum. The rules are below:

    1. There shall be no vulgarity of language used. This would result in immediate ban if a user breaks this rule.
    2. There shall be no defamation or condemnation of any kind. This will also result in immediate ban.
    3. No pornographic materials allowed. Avatars, signatures and uploads of any kind of soft porn, is STRICTLY not allowed. Warning will be sent. If the user continues this action, the user will be banned.
    4. Sensitive topics like religion, race and country should not be brought up as it may cause misunderstandings and arguments. You don't want to end up in ISA do you? xD
    5. Insults of any kind will not be tolerated. An immediate ban will be issued.
    6. Crude humour and jokes are allowed but the admins and moderators will scan through the post. If it is beyond crude, the post will be deleted immediately and a warning will be given to the poster.
    7. Posts less than 5 words will be counted as spam. A warning will be issued as this is a mere attempt for users to get to higher ranks. A true forum contributor will spend time to think about the reply and help each other in any means necessary.
    8. No discussion about teachers and school. An immediately ban will be issued.

    I hope all these rules are not too much for you all to follow. Have fun playing this forum and please invite more people to join the community!!

    ~Cheers~ Very Happy

    I just wanna voice out some suggestion to rule changes:

    Rule no. 4
    Sensitive topics like religion, race and country can be brought up but users are not allowed to insult, tease or condemn any religion, race and country.

    Rule no. 8
    Users are not allowed to insult, tease or condemn any teacher, school administration and school. However, constructive suggestions and compliments are allowed.

    Rule no. 9
    Users are not allowed to post any forwarded messages that contain suspected material such as DOS attack, mass e-mail harvest and economic sabotage.

    The rules underlined are changes, the rule in bold is additional. It's just a suggestion, the administrators have the full authority over the rules made.

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    Suggest Changes to Rules Empty Re: Suggest Changes to Rules

    Post by jaychua on Wed Jun 10 2009, 16:48

    Good suggestion from an ex admin. Will change it.


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