2009 Hair Cuts and Styles for Men


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    2009 Hair Cuts and Styles for Men Empty 2009 Hair Cuts and Styles for Men

    Post by asmond on Mon Jun 08 2009, 14:13

    The Fringe

    Increasingly, current men's fashion trends are being based upon last season's women's fashion trends so it comes as no surprise that the fringe will be a major feature of men's hair trends in 2009. Thankfully it won't take all it's cues from the women's fringe trend of 2008, nor will it be long enough to warrant accusations of being a medieval-bowl-cut revival.

    How To Cut The Fringe
    Thankfully, the men's fringe trend in 2009 comes in a variety of lengths, so you're going to be able to play with the look to suit your face shape. While you'll be looking to keep shorter back and sides (British grade 4-5), the way of truly making it your own is to play with the length of the fringe itself. No better example exists than the Bottega Veneta Men's Spring-Summer 2009 catwalk which provided two fringes in stark contrast to each other:

    2009 Hair Cuts and Styles for Men Bottega_veneta_mens_hair

    Of the two, the latter side swept fringe is the more preferential, with the cropped fringe looking a little too nondescript. If the side swept fringe does look like a hair style you might wear, be sure to check out Marni's menswear Fall(Autumn)/Winter 2008/2009 catwalk collection where it was a look sported by most of the models.

    Personally, I'd recommend something far more current and cut your fringe with texture and at brow length as seen on Burberry Prorsum's Men's Spring/Summer 2009 catwalk (below).

    How To Style The Fringe
    Whether you take a straightening iron to your hair or enjoy naturally straight hair, the men's fringe trend in 2009 is all about texture. I'm not talking about afro-inducing curls akin to those spotted on Alexander McQueen's Fall(Autumn)/Winter 2008/2009 runway (those were horrible) but light, layered detail. And in giving us the best length, Burberry Prorsum also featured the best textured styling for the men's fringe:

    2009 Hair Cuts and Styles for Men Burberry_mens_hair
    Regency hair style from Burberry Prorsum's Men's Spring/Summer 2009

    This textured hair style, with its longer fringe, is the 2009 incarnation of the 'Caesar cut', named after the hair style Roman dictator perpetuus Julius Caesar who is frequently depicted wearing his hair in a similar fashion. For a similar reason, it's also become known as 'the Clooney Cut' after actor George Clooney. While cut to bring hair from the temples and crown towards the forehead, the overall effect depends largely on using a matte wax or pomade to create the rugged texture and is quite akin to something sported by men in the Regency era.

    And if it's a rugged texture you're after, particularly if you have wavy or curly hair, then look no further than Gucci's Men's Fall (Autumn)/Winter 2008/2009 catwalk where the models oozed sex with a take on 2009's fringe hair style trend.

    2009 Hair Cuts and Styles for Men Guccifall2008hair
    Rocker fringe from Gucci Menswear Fall (Autumn)/Winter 2008/2009

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