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    A lot of..... Empty A lot of.....

    Post by JoNe on Mon Jun 08 2009, 00:25

    One day, there was an American, one Italian, a Singaporean and Bangladeshi travelling on a private helicopter.
    After about one hour traveling, the American took out his Cigarette (Dunhill) lighted it up and start smoking after two sip, he threw the balance of the cigarette.
    The other three persons were surprised and asked, "Why didn't you finish-up the cigarette before throwing?"
    He replied arrogantly "there is a lot of cigarette in my country".
    Half an hour later the Italian took a bottle of branded perfume and applied it and the rest he throw out of the window.
    The other three persons were again taken by surprise and asked, "Why did you throw away the perfume?"
    The Italian replied, "there is a lot of perfume in my country".
    The Singaporean did't know what to do &
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    Post by coolbios91 on Tue Jun 09 2009, 15:22

    Haha! Zadou!

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